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Bikers love the freedom and adrenaline which only a life on two wheels can provide. Taurus Helmets understands this like no other company. As pioneering helmet manufacturer in Brazil, we are driven by innovation, inspired by adventure and, therefore, are very proud to announce our new products portfolio.

"Being Young is a choice".

With 175 years of experience in the manufacturing of defense and security products, the world´s biggest company in the sector blended it´s expertise to a strict quality standard in order to develop, produce and deliver its new line of helmets. Relying on a new point of view regarding its products, Taurus brings more technology, professionalism and modernization to the business. For that purpose, the company has invested in the creation of a new development lab to enhance design and style, with safety as a priority.

New brands are born everyday to supply all segments of the market. Just a few commit to a serious handmade manufacturing process, and that´s the case for Urban Helmets. The brand offers products with exclusive designs, and attention to details that only this approach could provide - and always respecting international and Brazilian safety standards. Urban Helmets also offers clothing and accessories specially created for all urban riders.

Urban Helmets embraces new business opportunities, and teams up with brands from the fashion and custom worlds, developing exclusive products signed by world famous artists and professionals.

For 35 years Taurus Helmets has been riding along with its customers, therefore establishing a deep relationship with them. For that reason, Brazil´s biggest sales hit, the San Marino, was awarded with a brand of its own that supplies customers with accessories specific to the product, and at a reasonable cost. Quality is in the DNA of this Classic, and there has never been another like it; it was Brazil´s first helmet to receive the Inmetro stamp. In this catalogue you can find the replica of the first San Marino from the 80´s, to be released as a special edition for fans and enthusiasts.

On the way of becoming as traditional and worshiped as San Marino, Bullitz and Wind are brands that complete our portfolio. Bullitz delivers fresh designs and high quality finishing, and Wind is responsible for the most popular open helmets in the market. All brands are tested in special labs built inside every factory, and safety items only pass after they receive Inmetro´s stamp and approval.

Keeping on the front line, Taurus is Brazil´s first helmet manufacturer to have an online shop with over 150 products available, and delivered countrywide. Thanks to its prowess and care with quality standards, the company is opening doors to new businesses and markets abroad, starting now with exports to the U.S.A. and Europe.

To those wild at heart, it is possible to harmonize innovation and tradition without losing essence

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